What a Night For A Knight is the first episode from Scooby-Doo - Where Are You! series (Season 1).

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Joseph Barbera William Hanna

Ken Spears (story) &
Joe Ruby (story) &
Bill Lutz (story)
Original Air Date:

13 September 1969 (Season 1, Episode 1)


Animation | Family | Mystery | Comedy | Adventure


A man drives a pickup truck down a forested road, during the night time. Unbeknownst to him, a suit of armor with glowing yellow eyes opens up the crate in the pickup truck and watches the man. While walking home from the movies, where Scooby watched Star: Dog ranger of the north woods twice, Shaggy and Scooby come upon an abandoned truck, its sole occupant an empty suit of armor. They summon the rest of the gang and examine the scene: there is an empty crate labeled as the property of Jameson Hyde White, Professor of Archaeology, England, and a delivery slip directing the contents to the county museum. They deliver the truck and its contents to the museum, whose curator, Mr. Wickles, tells them the legend of the Black Knight, which is supposed to come alive on nights when the moon is full. But he can't explain the disappearance of Professor Hyde White. Meanwhile, Scooby, snooping around, finds an odd-looking pair of spectacles; research at the library reveals that they are a type of magnifying glass made in England and used by archaeologists.

The Black Knight

Deciding that there is something fishy at the museum, the gang return to the museum that night. Shaggy breaks in through an upper window; as he goes to let the others in, eyes in an Indian effigy watch him. The gang splits up. The moon is once again full and the Black Knight is roaming the halls. He threatens an oblivious Velma (who near-sightedly mistakes him for Shaggy) and menaces Scooby after he takes an interest in the dinosaur exhibit. After escaping the Knight, Scooby and Shaggy notice that there is a painting missing from the walls, though it has returned by the time they fetch the others. But Daphne notices a trail of paint which leads them to a mummy case. Opening the case, they find a secret room in which museum paintings are being duplicated. When they decide it's time to fetch the police, the Knight shows up. The gang flees into the relic room, where Scooby and Shaggy hide in a World War I biplane. Shaggy tries to trick the Black Kn

Mr. Wickles revealed as The Black Knight

ight into leaving by using his ventriloquism, and it nearly works. But Scooby accidentally turns the plane's engine on. The ensuing chase and crash knocks out the Black Knight, who is revealed to be Mr. Wickles. It is revealed that Wickles and a gang of forgers had been making fakes of the paintings in the museum collection and stealing the originals. Wickles had crept into the suit of the Black Knight and kidnapped Hyde White, the only person who could have spotted the fakes. Scooby catches Hyde White's scent and leads them to the Indian effigy, inside of which they find the archaeologist gagged and tied up.



Continuity: When Daphne suggests leaving the painting room through another door, the Black Knight appears behind her and he has the red crest of hair on his helmet. The scene cuts to commercial, then it comes back on the same scene and the red crest is missing. It is still missing when he chases the gang away from the door, but then it reappears when he punches through the picture at Shaggy.

Continuity: After Velma looses her glasses, the knight trips over her and lands in the guillotine. She mistakes the knights' growls for Shaggy's sore throat, and is about ready to give the knight cough syrup. Shaggy enters and takes the dose of cough syrup. However, when we see Velma's face immediately afterward, she is wearing glasses again.



(Episode Credited cast)
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[1] Nicole Jaffe ... Velma (voice)
[2] Casey Kasem ... Shaggy (voice)
[3] Don Messick ... Scooby Doo (voice)
[4] Vic Perrin ... Additional Voices (voice)
[5] Hal Smith ... Additional Voices (voice)
[6] John Stephenson ... Additional Voices (voice)
[7] Jean Vander Pyl ... Additional Voices (voice)
[8] Frank Welker ... Fred (voice)
[9] Stefanianna Christopherson ... Daphne (voice)

Featured Villains


  • The scene where Fred says Shaggy needs to go up the ladder up in the window has been cut on Cartoon Network and Boomrang its on the video/dvd releases Cartoon Network Scooby-Doo's Original Mysteries
  • Velma lost her glasses. How did she get them back? Shaggy gave them back to her, while looking for her and Scooby.
  • The Black Knight's red crest dissappears and reappears in the same scene between cuts, and once more during the chase
  • The Opening is different in the original broadcast, instead of showing the usual scene of the gang ruining it instead shows a picture of Scooby doo and Shaggy looking at the black knight ghost. The theme is also different. This and the episode after it (A clue for Scooby doo.) use the same theme as well different opening. However all of the rebrodcast up until the 90's used the familar opening and theme. This was corrected on the DVD because it uses the original opening.
  • also when mr wiggles talks to the gang and mr wiggles is is not in the armour after that scene
  •  eyes appear

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